We at GrupoCultural are a group of specialists who feel it is time to show the huge natural and cultural heritage of Argentina to the world. Thus, we have created a team combining local and international values that collaborate with diverse institutions,including several Museums and Universities.
The Argentine Patagonia has proved to be the "Promised Land" for scientists, alaeontologists and lovers of Donosaurs that absolutely dominated the planet for a period of more than 180 million years. At present, the finding of fossils in Patagonia has arisen scientists and tourists attention worldwide: a region of inhospitable beauty, where the last tracks of the dinosaurs can be seen intact in its infinite landscapes.So is the case of the immense Pampas, where the weirdest mammals walked and "competed" with early man during the last Ice Age.
Argentina is a well known country, much owing to Tango and beef, but its tremendous rich Pre-Columbian cultures were shed by the massive immigrant streams.
The need to look for a new character of the Argentinian modern culture made "ancient" cultures out of the focus. this is the reason of the lack of cultural exhibitions of Argentina in the last decades. Today, as this character is being forged, the nation feels the need to show up these ancient roots. We believe this new character, and the excellent quality of the exhibitions, make a certain candidate for you museum to host our exhibitions.

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